How Do I Delete An Old Hotmail Account?

Select the start button (button with white square).Select settings.Click on the accounts button.Click on the email and accounts.Under accounts used by email, calendar, and contacts.Select the account you want to remove.Select manage.Select delete account from this device.Select delete to confirm.

How do I delete an old Hotmail account without the password?

The process to deactivate your account and erase your data isn’t that simple. You may need to call the customer service.

How do you delete a Microsoft Account that no longer exists?

To access the user account settings, click the Menu button in the top-left of Outlook and select Options > Manage another account. If prompted by User Account Control, hit Yes when asked if you want to continue. Then, click a user account to remove it by clicking the Delete Account button in the Account Settings.

How do you delete a Microsoft account that no longer exists?

If you cannot log into your Microsoft account, it could be that the account has been disabled. If you have an account that no longer exists, then you may need to contact support for assistance.

Why can’t I delete my Hotmail account?

When you try to delete a Hotmail account, a pop-up comes up and asks you to “check the box if you’re sure you want to delete your account”. You are only allowed to make the request once.

How do I delete my hotmail 2021 account?

You can’t delete your Hotmail account, but you can archive it. You can archive your account by going to the “Accounts” tab on the left side of your screen. Click on “Manage”. Then select “Archive” from the drop-down menu.

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