How Do I Delete An Old Youtube Account Without The Password?

You can’t. You must have an access. If you don’t, anyone can delete anyone’s account. What I do recommend is changing the address. Go to the YouTube login and click “forgot password”.

How do you delete a YouTube channel if you don’t know the password?

Once you have a YouTube account, you can watch videos you’ve subscribed to, follow your favorite channels, and search for videos based on a keyword or topic.

How do you delete a YouTube account you can’t access?

No, you can’t do that. You can’t access your YouTube account if you can’t login to it.

Can you delete a YouTube account without signing in?

You will need to log in with your Google account, click “Profile” on the top right-hand corner, and then delete your account.

How do I delete an old YouTube account?

You can delete your account by following these steps:1) Go to the YouTube channel2) Select the gear icon in the top right3) Select the drop down next to your account and then choose “Delete my account”.

Does YouTube delete inactive accounts?

People who don’t log in their YouTube accounts don’t get any new videos, or new content. However, those who log in their accounts every few days can get new videos, and new content. It’s really up to you, but it’s a great way to keep yourself from getting bored if you don’t feel like doing something.

How do I delete a YouTube channel without email or password?

You can use YouTube to delete your channel. For a Google account, go to and log in with your email and password. Once you are logged in, click the channel icon on the left side of the screen and select “delete channel”.

How do you recover a YouTube account if you forgot the email?

Your YouTube account can be recovered by going to the account recovery page, and provide the information for your username or email address.

How do I find out what email is associated with my YouTube account?

You can find the email associated with your YouTube account by signing into your YouTube account and clicking on the “My Account” tab. You can also find it by going to “My Account” and clicking on the “Sign in” tab.

What happens to old YouTube accounts?

YouTube has a policy that it is not allowed to keep channels on video streaming sites for more than one year.

How long do inactive YouTube accounts last?

A lot of inactive accounts are being deleted. Accounts with less than 10,000 subscribers may be deleted after 6 months of inactivity. Accounts with more than 10,000 subscribers may be deleted after 12 months of inactivity.

How do I delete a YouTube account without Google?

If someone wants to delete their Google account, they shouldn’t cancel it first, as they will still be able to see their videos and comments.

How do I scrape my YouTube channel?

YouTube videos can be scraped using their API’s. The API’s can be accessed by anyone. If you want to scrape a YouTube channel, you would need to be a YouTube member and create your own API key.

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