How Do I Delete My Aol Username?

Use to sign on to America Online by choosing the “Settings” icon and clicking “Screen Names” from the toolbar. You’re then able to delete a screen name (if you want to use it again, choose the “Name” option and click “Add Name”).

How do I delete my AOL email address?

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How do I delete a username from the AOL login screen?

To delete a username from the AOL login screen, you’d need to log in and go to the “settings” tab at the top of the page. Next, select “User Profile.” After that, type in your new username and click “Save.

Can I change my AOL username?

Yes, you can change your AOL username. To do so, you will need to visit the “My AOL” page on and select “My Account” and then select “Edit Profile”. From there you will be able to edit your username.

How do I change my AOL username and password?

When you’re logged into AOL, the main screen will appear. From there, you’ll notice the “Account” tab in the upper-left corner will list your current AOL account information.

Can I have more than one AOL email account?

You can also get a new email account by going to the “Email” tab on the browser under “Accounts” on the top right. Click on “Add Account,” and you’ll get the option to create a new email address.

How do I stop AOL from remembering my password?

AOL is like Google. I would recommend deleting it. It’s like if the government is gonna come knock on your door; just tell them you’re not home.

Where is settings on AOL?

On the home page of “”, a section called “Settings” is present. If you click on the gear icon, it will take you to a page where you can change your password, email settings, and other account-related information.

How do I reset my AOL mail settings?

If you have AOL mail then you can go to its homepage to reset your email settings. In the top right, you can click on settings and the menu will have an option to change your mail. Click on the mail tab and then you can choose your email address that you want to update your information.

How do I manage my AOL screen names?

If you want to manage your AOL screen names, go to and then click on “Manage.” Then click on “Manage.” Then, click on the name “Screen Names” and click on “Remove.” You will see a box and you can easily remove your screen name.

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