How Do I Delete My Carrom Pool Account?

Go to the Miniclip website at Find the “Contact Us” section. Click the “” email address. Send an email with “I want to close my Miniclip account” in the subject line.

How do I change my carrom disc pool user ID?

Your carrom disc pool is used to create the disc to play on our website.

How do I delete my Miniclip account?

If you want to delete your account, then you will have to go to the “Settings” tab on your profile and you will be able to click on “Delete account”.

Who is the owner of Carrom pool app?

Carrom was developed by a French company and it’s a game of pool.

How do you unfriend in Carrom Pool?

You can unfriend someone by tapping on their name and then tapping on the “Unfriend” button.

How do I get my Miniclip ID for 8 ball pool?

On the Miniclip website, you can easily find out how to log in. Once you have an account, click on “My Miniclip”, and you will find your Miniclip ID.

Can you still make a Miniclip account?

Miniclip is a gaming website that allows you to play games online that used to be available for free. However, they decided to stop the free games and now they require subscriptions that cost between $4.99 and $17.99 each month.

How do I reset my Miniclip password?

It’s very simple to have forgotten your password. Just click on the link “Forgot Password.” It will then prompt you to enter your email address and a new password will be sent to you.

How do I change my username on 8 ball pool?

To change your username, click on the “Settings” tab and the “Edit Profile” button. Then click on the “Change Name” button.

How do I change my 8 ball pool email?

To get into the settings you’ll need to go into the app and change the email address.

What is the real name of 8 ball pool?

To do this, go into your app, tap on your avatar and you will be able to choose a new profile picture.

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