How Do I Delete My Email Account On My Android Phone?

  1. Open your messaging app and tap the Menu key > Settings > Accounts > Deleted Account > Delete.
  2. Tap Settings > Security > Accounts & Privacy > Email. Find “Deleted” in the list and tap it.

return to previous screen tap “Delete” confirm go back to previous screen tap “Done” return to previous screen tap “Accounts” tap “Settings” tap “Accounts and sync” tap “Sync settings” click the “Sync all” buttonWhen you delete your email account, the following will occur:1) The account information is removed from Google’s servers;2) The account information is removed from any other services that access your email address; and3) The account

How To Delete Email Accounts (for Android)

Deleting an email account on Android is pretty straightforward and easy. You can do it from the Gmail app itself or from your phone’s Settings menu. The latter option is recommended if you want to make sure all the data on your device is erased, but either way should work.

If you’re just wanting to delete a single account, you’ll find its “Accounts” menu in the main Settings menu.
If you want to delete multiple accounts from one shot, you’ll have to go into each one individually and select “Delete Account.”
Once you’ve done that, confirm your action by hitting “OK” and your accounts will be removed.

You can also delete individual emails from within other apps that support Gmail inboxes. Just long-press on a message in another app and select “Delete.

How To Delete Gmail Account In Android Phone

How to delete Gmail account in Android? The easiest way is to go to Gmail settings and then go to the account deletion option. In addition, you can also use third-party apps that allow you to do it directly from the app.

However, this method is not recommended because Google has the ability to retrieve deleted emails if you have an account recovery key. So, make sure that you know how to delete email accounts properly before you delete your Gmail account.

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