How Do I Delete My Grindr App?

Click on Grindr and go to the account settings. Click on Deactivate. Tap Delete account. Give us an explanation. Provide an feedback. Verify the profile. Click on Delete profile.

How do I delete my Grindr app?

1. Open your Grindr mobile app.2. Tap on the settings.3. Tap on deactivate.4. Select delete account.5. Tap delete user.6. Provide us feedback to the reason of the account closure.7. Verify your account.8. Select Delete Profile.

What happens if I delete the Grindr app?

When you delete the app, you won’t be listed on the list of users that other users can see. You’ll still be listed in inboxes, but others won’t be able to see you.

What happens after you delete your Grindr account?

Any content you put on your account will be lost and if you want to keep any messages or chats, you can block the person before deleting your account.

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