How Do I Delete My Offerup Profile?

You have to log in and select a reason for leaving. Then you have to choose Deactivate account.

How do I permanently delete my OfferUp account?

To permanently delete your account, please contact us at Please include your name, email address and phone number in the body of the email. We will process your request and confirm when your account has been permanently deleted.

How do I delete my OfferUp app?

OfferUp will be deleted from your device in a few moments.

What happens when you delete your OfferUp account?

When you delete your offer up account, all of your personal data, including your profile information, messages, and contacts will be deleted forever. You will not be able to open the account again.

How do I delete my phone number on OfferUp?

To delete your phone number on OfferUp, first open the app and sign in. Next, tap the three lines in the top left corner of the screen and select “Settings”. Scroll down and tap “Profile” and then “Profile”. Tap “Remove” and then enter your password to confirm.

How do I remove facebook from OfferUp?

OfferUP is an app by Facebook that lets you contact people with your information and Facebook friend list.

How do I delete an OfferUp from my Iphone?

When you open the iPhone’s app store, you will see that the app offers to delete your account. You should delete the account to ensure that your iPhone has a clean and tidy app store.

How do I make a new OfferUp account?

To start using OfferUp, go to the OfferUp website. Click “Sign Up” in the top-right corner of the screen. You’ll be asked to provide your email address, password, and name. Once you’ve filled out the required information, click “Create Account” and you’re good to go!

How do I get rid of ads on OfferUp?

If you are having difficulties with OfferUp ads, try hiding the ads by scrolling down. However, this option is not for everybody.

Why is my OfferUp account not working?

It is not an app or website. If you are having trouble using it, you may want to check for help in the OfferUp Help Center. You may also get help from the community forums.

Is OfferUp connected to Facebook?

OfferUp was purchased about five months ago by Facebook for $75 million.

Will OfferUp Post to Facebook?

OfferUp has no plans of posting to Facebook. But they might in the future.

Is Facebook marketplace better than OfferUp?

There aren’t many simple answers when it comes to choosing a marketplace app, but you can use the ones that are available. Facebook Marketplace is the most well-known, while OfferUp is simpler.

How do I delete my profile picture on OfferUp?

Tap the profile picture of the person you want to delete and select the red gear icon.

How do I delete an archived OfferUp?

To delete archived items, you need to open the app and sign in, and then select “My OfferUp.” You can find the archived item you want to delete. Next, you need to tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen and select “Delete.

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