How Do I Delete My Tumblr Account 2019?

Go to your Tumblr account. Click on the ‘Account’ icon. Select ‘Settings’. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Select ‘Delete Account’. Then you will be directed to a screen asking if you are sure.

Why is Tumblr not letting me delete my account?

This is only if you are the only person using Tumblr. If you have a secondary blog, your account will not be affected. If you want to delete your Tumblr account, you have to visit the Tumblr website.

Can I ask Tumblr to delete my account?

You will be able to remove the data that is in your account by logging in and navigating to your privacy settings. Also, you can email us at for help if you’re not logged in to your account.

What happens when you delete Tumblr account?

To delete your entire Tumblr account or any of the blogs you’ve established, you have to go on your profile and select “Account” and then select “Delete Account.” Once you’ve deleted your account, you can choose to reactivate the account in a few months or permanently delete it.

Can you delete Tumblr on mobile?

If you use a computer, use your browser to go to Then, click on the account icon in the top-right corner. Select a blog from your list of blogs to remove. On the iOS app, swipe left on the blog and choose “Remove.” On Android, open the settings menu (gear icon) and select “Remove this website.”.

Can I delete my primary blog on Tumblr?

The deleted user’s main blog can’t be removed without also deleting the others, as they are linked to it.

How do I know if my Tumblr is deleted?

When you notice that your Tumblr account has been shut down, you’ll be able to access your account using an email address that you’ve provided, and if you’re asked to verify an email address to use your account, you’ll be able to click an “I’m using my old email address” button and have access to your account.

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