How Do I Delete My Vivo Account?

If you turn off find my phone on Vivo Cloud, you will delete your account.Go to Settings, more settings, apps, all, vivo account and then first install updates, and second force closed.

How do I delete vivo?

To stop using the Vivo app, you can follow the given instructions through your phone’s settings.

What is Vivo account?

This account allows you to manage your Vivo phone from your account.

How do I delete an Email account from my vivo phone?

To delete an e-mail account on your Vivo phone, go to “Settings”; there’s an option for “Accounts”; select this option and tap on the e-mail account you want to delete. Once selected, press the three dots on the upper right-hand corner and press “Delete Account”.

How do I know my vivo account?

Go to site and log in with your username and password. Click on “My Account” in the top navigation bar. Click on “Add Account” in the top right corner of the screen, enter your phone number, and then click on “Confirm”.

How do I bypass my vivo account?

Just press and hold the power button, then press and hold the volume up button to get to your options. Make sure to only hold the Power and Volume buttons to avoid damage to the phone. The reason you have to hold the buttons is because the buttons are so tiny. When the phone is being shut down, the buttons will not respond.

How do I delete data from my vivo cloud?

To deactivate your VivoCloud, you can login to the website and navigate to the VivoCloud settings.

How do I reset my vivo password?

To reset your password, go to the account settings of the V app and click on “Forgot Password”.

How do I factory reset my vivo?

[Paraphrase]: The only button required to factory reset your phone is the power button, You can factory reset your phone by pressing both power button and volume down button at the same time, for about 10 seconds.

How can I reset my vivo phone without password?

Resetting a phone without a password is easy. All you have to do is launch the settings menu, tap on “Reset.” This will erase all of your data and reset the phone as if it were new.

How do I reset my vivo phone?

If you want to reset your smartphone, you have to tap on settings, General and Reset Phone. Once you are in that option, you should see a warning that says “If you continue deleting data, you will lose all your data and content.” Tap on “Delete All Data” and wait for the process to finish.

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