How Do I Delete Pocket Camp?

To make sure there is no save data in the game, select the “Delete all save data” option.

Is Animal Crossing pocket camp removed?

The game may not be fully playable anymore because of the Android OS upgrade. This update has been released by Google and the game no longer works if you don’t upgrade. This update is for about 1.5 GB of RAM, 32-bit CPUs, and devices with Android versions lower than 5.0.

Can you have 2 accounts on pocket camp?

It is not possible to have multiple Nintendo Accounts linked to the same Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp user. You may link only one Nintendo Account to one Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp user.

How do I delete my pocket prep account?

If you’ve subscribed to our content through our online portal or web app, go to the Settings menu of your mobile device. Select Purchases then Edit next to your subscription. Next, select Cancel Subscription.

Can Pocket camp play with New Horizons?

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp players can now earn and buy special items that are not available in the game.

How do I change my Nintendo Account on Pocket camp?

The Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp app has a problem when it is used to link a Nintendo Account. Nintendo wants you to delete your save data after the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp app is closed.

Should I restart Animal Crossing?

However, the Animal Crossing craze has since subside a lot. Even with the next update on its way, there will not be as many people decorating their islands at one time, implying that you might have trouble finding all of those DIYs, items, and even villagers again.

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