How Do I Delete Whatsapp From My Old Phone?

Deleting WhatsApp from an old phone is a bit different than deleting it from your main phone because you need to get access to the old phone’s contacts and delete them one by one.
One way is to use a contact list on your old phone for this purpose. You can also connect your old phone to your main smartphone using a USB cable.

Once connected, you can open WhatsApp on your main smartphone and find the contacts in the “People” tab. Select each contact, then tap “Delete”. Your contacts are now cleared from your old phone.

However, if you have an iPhone, deleting WhatsApp from an iPhone (or other iOS version) is a little different – you will not be able to delete individual contacts and instead need to delete the entire WhatsApp account itself.
To do this, navigate to Settings > Account > iPhone > WhatsApp and then tap “Delete Account”.

How Can Delete My Old Whatsapp Account And Create New Whatsapp Account With New Number

Deletion of your old WhatsApp account is not an easy task. You need to follow a few steps and process to delete WhatsApp account.
One, you have to uninstall your old WhatsApp on your phone.

Then, you should install new whatsapp app on your device. To do this, go to App store and search for “WhatsApp”. Once you download the app on your device, open it up and login with your Facebook or GoogleID.

Next, go to the “Settings” option in the app menu and scroll down. There you will find a section called “Account” where you can delete your old WhatsApp account. Click on that option and confirm the deletion of your old WhatsApp account by entering your password.

Now, enter a new number for new Whatsapp account if desired.
Two, you will have to send a message to the person who created an account with the same email address as yours using regular mode in Whatsapp app. If they respond then that means they have seen the message and it is safe to proceed.

Three, if they fail to respond after two days then it is safe to proceed with deleting old WhatsApp account by confirming the deletion of the old WhatsApp account by entering your password.

If I Uninstall My Whatsapp Then Again Install My Group Will Be Remain Same Or Left? आनइनसटल के बाद

I know you should uninstall your whatsapp after you deleted a group. But if you uninstall and then reinstall it, your group will remain. That’s because the app stores a virtual representation of the group in order to help users find their friends in the same place.

There is no way to actually delete groups from your phone. The best option is to disable your Facebook account on Whatsapp as a precautionary measure.

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