How Do I Get An Amazon Account?

Go to Click on Get Start to go to the Amazon account sign up page. Fill in the required fields. Click on create new Account. Verify your Email address by providing the verification code sent to your email. Amazon account login will be automatic when you verify.

How much does it cost to have an Amazon account?

Amazon Prime is a membership that costs 99 per year and 12.99 a month. Amazon Prime also offers discounts for students and people on EBT or Medicaid. If you buy frequently online, the value of Prime is well worth the investment due to faster delivery and free shipping.

Is starting an Amazon account free?

Free accounts are offered by Amazon. You are not required to subscribe to the Prime membership to enjoy a free account.

Do you pay for an Amazon account?

Manage Prime Membership is located in the menu bar of your Amazon Account. Once you’ve found the Amazon Prime website, click Manage Prime Membership, and then select the subscription you’d like to cancel at the top of the resulting page.

How do I join Amazon?

Open the Amazon website or the Amazon app on your smartphone. If you have not yet, sign in with your existing Amazon account inside the app. Then, go to the top on the left and select Menu. Then select Start a free 30-day trial of Prime from

Do I have a Amazon account?

You can see what your Amazon Prime membership status is by going to Once you are logged into Your Account, click on ‘Your Prime Membership’ on the left sidebar. Click on the ‘Manage Your Membership’ link to see what your membership status is.

How much is Amazon Prime for seniors?

Seniors who wish to use Amazon Business may do so, in which case Amazon Prime will be $12.99 per month. However, with the Senior Discount, it will be $5.99 per month.

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