How Do I Get My Sky Bet Account Back?

If you need to reopen or reactivate a previously closed account please go to the contact us section and select reopening or reactivation of a user account. We reserve the right to refuse the reopening of an account.

Why has my Sky Bet account been closed?

A Sky Bet representative said we do not have the power to open other peoples accounts. Also, they said we should contact them with any questions.

Why can’t I log into my Sky Bet?

All of your Sky Bet accounts have been hacked. Please contact customer service.

How do I contact Sky Bet?

Sky Bet is a betting company that offers a variety of sports and horse racing. You can contact them through their website or through their app on your phone.

Do Sky Bet close winning accounts?

Sky Bet close winning accounts if they feel that they have exceeded their winnings.

How do I Unsuspend my Sky Bet account?

To unsuspend your account you will be required to provide your Sky Bet Login details and the Sky Bet Bonus Code (if you have signed up) and you will be asked to provide full contact details including your address which will assist our customer service team to send you your reward.

Once received, this will allow you to access the following features.

How do I get my winnings from Sky Bet?

If you are a UK resident you can get your winnings from Sky Bet by going to their website and using the withdraw option. You will need to provide your bank account details and address as well as the amount of money you want to withdraw.

Can you have 2 Sky Bet accounts?

You can have two Sky Bet accounts as long as you are not using them to place bets on the same team. It is however recommended that you place bets on a single account if you wish to bet on multiple sports in the same day.

Why do bets get suspended?

For example, if the match is not in the first round, then its outcome has already been determined, so bets can be closed. When a bet is closed, bets that have been made on the match can also get suspended.

How long do Sky Bet withdrawals take?

It can take up to five days to process your withdrawal. You can check your withdrawal status here.

Why is Sky Bet splitting my withdrawal?

If you withdraw money from your Sky Bet account, you have the option to request that they split your withdrawal. This means that they will keep a fixed proportion of the withdrawal. This usually means that the remainder will be paid out to your bank account, or if there are other transactions on your account, then they will pay this out after the remainder.

Can you withdraw winnings from a free bet Sky Bet?

You can withdraw winnings from a free bet with Sky Bet and there are some limitations. For example, when withdrawing your winnings, you are going to have to wager it at least once before you being able to withdraw it again. The maximum payout for any single wager is £/€/$100 and the maximum payout for any single transaction is £/€/$500.

How long do withdrawals take from Sky Vegas?

As mentioned earlier, withdrawals usually take about 24 hours to be processed.

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