How Do I Get Rid Of Icloud?

Click on “Start”. Go to “Settings” panel. Look for iCloud in the list. Click on “Delete icloud” of this computer.Confirm by clicking on “Yes”.

How do I get rid of iCloud?

1. Click “Start”.2. Click on “Settings”.3. Choose “Uninstall a program”.4. Find iCloud in the list.5. Select “Delete iCloud for Windows” in your computer.6. Confirm by clicking on “Yes”.

How do I get rid of unwanted iCloud storage?

On your iPhone or iPad, you can go to the folder named “iCloud Drive” in the Files app. At the bottom of the screen, there is a button named “Browse”. You can choose to “Select” this folder. Then, you can choose a folder inside it and tap the “Delete” button.

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