How Do I Hide My Eharmony Profile?

Log into your eHarmony account by clicking on your username in the top left hand corner of your account page. From your profile page, click on the arrow next to your photo. Click the “Data & Settings” link. Under the “Profile Visibility” section, click the green slider to make your profile invisible.

Does eHarmony have private mode?

eHarmony is offering more expensive plans, with a higher cost per match, and a higher price per year, so you’ll be able to find a better match, and have a better experience.

Can anyone see my eHarmony profile?

If you really like someone, and if you want to be with that person, and if he or she truly likes you, you should view their profile. It’s a long winded way of saying that you should only interact with people who you actually have a chance of being with.

Can you browse profiles anonymously on eHarmony?

By browsing profiles anonymously on you can see people who have recently viewed your profile. You can browse an unlimited number of profiles anonymously.

Does eHarmony show every time you view a profile?

Unfortunately, it does automatically refresh data by quietly opening your profiles in order to collect data from them. So, yes, if you’re running the “My Matches” script every women on your list will get the idea that you are reading their profile each time you run it.

Does harmony tell if you screenshot?

If they never try to message you, they have blocked you. If you have a screenshot to prove it, send it to us.

Can I get my money back?

If you choose to close your account by paying for the subscription, all that’s required is that you click “Continue” during the payment process. This will allow us to send you your credits for the remaining time of your membership and you can use the credit however you’d like. If you cancel any plans that you’ve made with us, you will need to cancel those plans BEFORE you make any payments.

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