How Do I Logout Of Hulu On My Smart Tv?

Start Hulu on your TV or media player. Go to “My Account” or the icon with your profile name. Select “Log Out.” Select “OK” to confirm that you want to log out.

How do you log out of Hulu on your smart TV?

After the account is logged out, the user is prompted to enter their Hulu password.

How do I change my Hulu account on my smart TV?

You will be prompted to provide any details for this profile if you have not already done so. In case you have some existing profile that you want to use, you can select “Choose from a list” from the list of available profiles by clicking on the “Choose” link.

How do I logout of Hulu on my Vizio Smart TV?

Hulu just changed the layout of its signout button. Now it is on the left side of the signin button and you can’t access it if you have a lot of accounts set up.

How do I get my Hulu account on my smart TV?

Open Hulu on your device. Go to “Account” in the menu on the remote. Select “Apps” in the main menu. Use the search icon in the upper-right corner to search for “Hulu.” Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Hulu app. When you open Hulu, click “log in” and “log in” again.

How do I log out of Hulu on Roku?

Choose your profile icon on the Hulu main page. Go down the page and select log out. To finalize, select log out of Hulu. You will be sent to the Hulu sign up or login screen instead.

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