How Do I Open A Groupon Merchant Account?

If you want to start a great online marketing campaign. You should sign up for a merchant account at Speak with a Groupon representative or use the Groupon Deal Builder to create your campaign. Prepare your business and staff. You should also celebrate the launching of your campaign. Finally, you should track your results using your Groupon Merchant Center.

Since opening my merchant account, I haven’t been paid. What should I do?

Please check to make sure you have met all of the following requirements: You have a valid email address in your account. You have set up “authorized users” in your merchant account and those authorized users are entering correct payment information when they purchase on Groupon. Your sales history is accurate if you sell physical goods or services that are shipped to customers. The deal was purchased directly from Groupon; it was not resold by another user or through eBay (in which case, ask the purchaser in question why they never received their goods). If the above does not resolve your issue and you’ve already tried all the suggestions above, please read the next section carefully and try our suggestions; if they don’t resolve your issue, please contact our customer support team and we’ll be happy to help you track down the source of any problems.

How much does it cost to be a Groupon merchant?

Groupon users do not have to pay anything up front to use the service, as the service takes only a share in the money of the deal. Groupon sends the remaining amount to the merchant after deducting about 50% as their cut.

How do I sell a product on Groupon?

Head to the Groupon Merchant homepage. Review the terms and conditions to make sure that your business meets all the program requirements. Review the program rules so that you can complete your application for consideration. If your business meets all of the program requirements, you will receive an email that will include your application.

A Groupon deal I sold has closed but it still appears on my Sales list in My Account. What’s going on?

We are happy to hear that some of your customers are enjoying their purchases from you. However, a deal listing should only appear once the deal is currently open for sale, not after it has closed. If we cannot process all update requests for your listings within two weeks, we will make every attempt to get them done as soon as possible.

As a merchant, what do I need to make sure is accurate in My Account?

We send an email when registering, as well as important information like your contact details and purchase history. If you have given us an email address that is also used for your primary contact, it may be possible to refund this order from Customer Support if we cannot reach or hear from the person you are using as your primary contact.

If I’m a business merchant, what should I do if I want to change my contact information?

If you want to make sure that important communications from us (like payment confirmation when you request it) will be sent to your primary contact (which we need for things like refunds and issues related to your subscription), please remove the old email address associated with your account and add a new one, if it is not already done. If you haven’t done so, payments may no longer reach your primary contact and may no longer be accessible by any one of your or your new contacts.

How do I set up a Groupon UK?

Go to to create your campaign. Introduce yourself or call +44 203 510 2248 to talk to a Groupon Business Consultant about helping you launch your campaign today. Get ready to launch it live! Your brand is now live!

How does Groupon work UK?

Groupon collects money by taking a cut of every coupon that is sold. They are contractually obligated to provide a certain number of coupons to merchants and companies. When the minimum threshold has been reached, each deal coupon sold earns Groupon a 50% commission.

What are problems with the Groupon business model?

It is not Mason who is responsible. It is the companies that have to pay the bills to Groupon to put up the deals.

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