How Do I Permanently Delete My Blizzard Account?

Log in to and go to the Account Management page. In the Account Management page, click on the Deactivate Your Account option. In the Deactivate Your Account window, read the information carefully, and then click on the Deactivate My Account button. Then, you will be asked to confirm your decision to deactivate your account.

Can you delete my Blizzard account?

I’m sorry, but I cannot delete your account because it is impossible for me to do this.

How long does it take for a Blizzard account to be deleted?

Account deletion normally takes around 24 hours, but it may take more or less depending on the account’s activity.

How do I cancel my account?

You can’t cancel your account using the Account Management system. You can cancel your account by accessing, selecting the option to cancel your account, following the on screen instructions to complete the cancellation process.

How do I delete my Blizzard Reddit account?

You can delete your account from your profile by going to the settings page and scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on “delete my account” button.

How do I delete my wow account?

So as to delete your World of Warcraft account, you need to follow these instructions: Click on “Account” on the top panel, then click on “Delete Account” in the left menu. Then, be prepared for the process.

How do I remove my phone number from Blizzard?

You can remove your phone number from Blizzard. You have to log in to your account and click on the “Edit” next to your phone number. Then click on the “Remove” button. Then click “Save”.

Can Blizzard restore my deleted account?

Yes, the Blizzard ID you provided us will be used to verify your identity in the future.

Why did my Blizzard account get deleted?

I think that your account was deleted because you haven’t logged in for a long time. Blizzard sometimes deletes inactive accounts to make room for new ones.

Do Blizzard accounts expire?

You don’t have to do anything to your account, but if you haven’t logged into your account for a while, your account will be deactivated.

Why is my Blizzard account not found?

There are multiple reasons why your Blizzard account may not be found. One possibility is that you have not created an account yet. If you have not created an account, you can do so by visiting the Blizzard website and clicking on the “Create Account” button.

How long do wow accounts last?

You can keep your account active and just set a timeout once you lose interest. After that, you won’t be allowed to sign up for a new account unless you manually reactivate your old and inactive account.

Do WoW characters get deleted?

No, a character that is stuck in an in-game dungeon that has no means to escape will not be deleted. However, any progress made in the dungeon may be lost when the account is terminated.

How do I reactivate my old WoW account?

If you no longer have the login information for your account, you can try to retrieve it by visiting the Blizzard Account website. If you still can’t access your account, you can try contacting Blizzard Support.

Why do I need a phone number for Blizzard?

Blizzard is requesting to have a phone number for security reasons. This is to ensure that the account is secure and your personal data is protected.

How do I unlink my phone number from warzone?

If you want to unlink your number from the Warzone app, you should first open the Warzone app and tap on your profile. Under “Phone Number”, tap on “Unlink”.

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