How Do I Permanently Delete My Pokemon Go Account?

For the Pokemon GO account, please click the help center and in the dropdown menu, choose “Delete my account”. Please note: it may take a while to delete the account.

How do I permanently delete my Pokemon Go account?

Pokemon GO account deletion process may take up to three weeks to be processed. Please be prepared for possible waiting times.

How do I reset my Pokemon go progress?

You can reset your phone’s system settings. It will not bring you back to the same point in the game. If you want to try another route, you need to create a new account instead of resetting the already existing one. What this means for you is that if you have accepted all of Android KitKat’s terms of service, now that the update is rolling out for Nexus 7 users on these devices, you can opt to.

Why can’t I delete my Pokemon Go account?

If you need to close your Pokemon GO account, you will need to provide an email that is associated with the account. Verified deletions are irreversible.

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