How Do I Reactivate My Messenger Account?

Log in to your One Call Now account.On the Group Leader Menu.Click Manage Group.Click to select Manage Messengers.Under Manage Messenger.Click on the inactive Messenger.Click to select Active.Also, you’ll find our new, easy-to-follow guide on How to Change Password.

How do I reactivate my messenger account?

1. Log in to your One Call Now account.2. On the Group Leader Menu.3. Click Manage Group.4. Click to select Manage Messengers.5. Under Manage Messenger.6. Click to Select Inactively.7. Under the last name of the messenger you wish to reactivate.8. Click the Edit.9. On the Status line.10. Click to select Active.

Can I reactivate Messenger after deactivating?

Facebook Messenger deleted your information on Thursday, when you deactivate your account, and stored it in its servers in Canada.

What happens if Messenger is deactivated?

The activity will be put into full effect after the process has been carried out and the activity is completed.

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