How Do I Remove A Domain From Zoho?

Go to Login as the super admin. Click on Control Panel. Go to Domains. Remove the email hosting for any domain which has email hosting enabled.

How do I delete a domain on Zoho?

In order to disable the email hosting, log in to the Zoho Mail Control Panel as an administrator. Navigate to Domains on the left pane and disable the hosting for all the domains which you have added to your account. After disabling the email hosting, click the Delete My Account button and confirm the deletion of your domain/domain name.

How do I change my domain name in Zoho?

Sign into your hosting management account >> Go to the Mail & Docs on the left >> Under the Remove Addresses, click the Remove button >> Enter your email address that you used before >> Add the name of your new domain and click Add name.

Has Zoho been hacked?, an American online company, stated that they have discovered a data theft. The leaked information was contained on an attacker’s online account. The incident appears to have occurred with the help of keylogging.

How do I delete a Zoho Vault account?

Use the paperless function to close your organization account. From the left sidebar, open the Paperless section. From the drop-down menu, choose Delete Organization. In the window that comes up, click Delete.

How do I cancel my Zoho account?

Your subscription has been cancelled. Please contact customer support to renew your subscription.

How do I delete my Zoho email address?

To delete your account select My Account. Under the My Account tab you see my Account. You can delete your account with a password. You can also close your account with a password.

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