How Do I Remove My Record From Whitepages?

Please go to the opt-out page and paste the URL of the listing you want to remove. Then click “Opt-out.” Paste the URL in the box.Verify the record you want removed.Click the “Remove me” button to delete your record.

 What are some other sites similar to Whitepages?

There are a lot of websites that provide phone numbers. Unfortunately, only a few are updated or have the most current information. The following is a list of sites that offer alternative services: 1) PeopleSmart – This service provides information on contact information, email addresses, and social media profiles for people around the world.2) Phone Detective – This site provides a reverse number lookup where you can enter a phone number and get pertinent details on who owns it.3) White Pages Basic – If all you need is basic contact information where someone has an unlisted number, then this site might work just fine for your needs.4) PeopleLookup – This service focuses on providing information that is publically accessible, including contact details and social media profiles.5) Lookup Unlisted – This site provides an unlisted phone number lookup where you input the name, state, and last 4 digits of a phone number to see if anything turns up. Additional services include criminal records checks and background checks.6) Whitepages Pro – For $5 USD you can perform unlimited searches for 5 days or $10 for 30 days of access.7) Spokeo – This site also does background checks as well as email lookups.8) Intelius – Provides people search results along with public records reports which offer financial information, arrest history, court filings, and homeownership records.9) Locate People – This site claims to offer the world’s largest people search engine. The downside is that you will need to pay a subscription fee (minimum of $39.95 for 3 months) to use this service.10) ZabaSearch – Offers free people searches as well as unlisted phone number lookups.11) 123people – A directory of contact information and public records which includes: addresses, birthdays, arrest records, property records, and much more.

Is it safe to use the site if I want to remove myself?

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Can you help me remove my name from your site?

You can delete your phone number from your white pages. You will need to contact them and confirm your identity with them for it to be removed, explanation of the removal process is on their website here: You will also need to check that they don’t have a direct link for this information on their page that might not be visible or linked in some way when using Google search results since it’s often an easy thing for people looking up someone else’s phone number online without permission to find a phone number posted publicly on a person’s social media profile.

How do I remove my phone number from

If an internet service provider wants to delete your Whitepages account, you can do so by filling out an online request. We cannot confirm your account is being disassociated; this is a security and privacy protection measure, and we do not retain any information from your Whitepages account after you remove your phone number or email address. We also need to confirm that your Whitepages account is actually disassociated before the request is processed. If we cannot confirm this, we refund any fees associated with the request, and you have not removed your phone number or email address within 7 days of the request.

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