How Do I Reset My Discord Password Without Email?

Discord is a free, cross-platform real-time communication and collaboration platform. It only requires a web browser.

Why am I locked out of my Discord account?

There are many reasons that lock out you from your Discord app. Most of the time, this happens when a person changes the password on their Discord app. Another possibility is that someone who knows your username and password manages to get access to your Discord account and locks you out. In both cases, if not reset, it means you are not able to connect to Discord. Luckily, there is a way around this issue.

How do I recover my password on Discord?

Open Discord on your phone. On the login page, fill in your Discord email address. On the next page, go to the forgot password page.

How do I change my Discord password 2021?

Go to the settings and click on My Account and then change your password. Be sure to enter your original password first, then your new one, and then confirm it and click Okay.

How do I log into Discord with my phone number?

To verify the phone number you’ve just added, simply visit your Account page again. Then press the Verify button in the top-right corner!

How do I log into Discord without email?

What is the Discord chat secret? You can use this to change your Discord chat secret:!/reset-password.

Is Discord safe for 12 year olds?

Discord is an online communication platform that has a variety of features, such as a text chat and voice chat, that is used by millions. However, it’s also used by pedophiles to access child pornography and other illegal activity. This is why it was added that anyone can not use it for sex-related activities or for illegal activities.

How do I change my Discord email without logging in?

You can change your username by clicking on your profile and then clicking “Change Username” next to your email.

How do I recover my Discord account?

You will now need to log back in and then click on the “Restore Account” button. This will help you get back on your desktop or device app. The only thing you will have to do is type in your password and then the app will give you the chance to sign in if you are logged in.

How do I create a new Discord account with the same email?

To change your email address, you must make a small change and add the keyword @ in front of your email address before it can be used again.

How do I skip phone verification on Discord?

You may use your family member’s or friend’s phone to talk to your discord server. But if you want the phone to be un-trusted, you should have the same email address as your Discord server user account.

How do I find my Discord email?

You can edit your account settings by clicking on the “Settings” tab. You can view your email address which you used to create your account on the email tab.

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