How Do I Transfer My War And Order Account?

To play Facebook games, go to your game’s page. Go to your account’s settings and switch to another account. Or, if you’re on a device where you’re signed in to Facebook, do this in the browser. You may also want to sign out on your FB account as a safety measure. Open the browser, then go to Facebook. If you signed in on another account then login to your target account.

How do you unbind War and order?

To avoid getting a push notification when your old account is scouted, or when your former lord name is scouted, you’ll need to turn off all notification settings. Changing your lord’s name in the previous account can be done by heading to “Account,” and then “Undo Bind.”.

How do I recover my war and Order account?

If you have linked your Game Center account to Google, you can simply tap the “Sign in with Google” button in the app and authorize the game to make sync games and achievements.

How do I have multiple accounts on war and order?

After a few seconds, you are presented with a screen with the instructions of how to start playing Rocket Game. If you don’t want to create an account, you can simply continue to play the game using the browser.

What does LP stand for in war and order?

You must defeat the level 1 creature first before you can fight against the level 2 creature.

How do I move realms in war and order?

Now go to another realm by tapping the Realm to the right of the Globe.

How do I recover my game account?

Launch the game on your device and sign into Game Center with one of your Apple IDs. Connect to a Google-connected game account with your password from within the game. Start playing. You’ll be asked whether you want to restore your Apple ID-connected account.

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