How Do I Uninstall Outlook 2021?

You can remove the new Office by going to your account page on Then, in the Current PC Installs section, click deactivate. Finally, you can uninstall Office on your PC.

How do I Uninstall Outlook without deleting office?

You don’t have to remove the full Microsoft Office 2013 suite in order to get rid of Microsoft Outlook. You may retain certain Office elements using the Uninstall or Change option in the Control Panel’s Removal or Change section. If you don’t need Outlook, you can save disk space by removing it.

What happens if I Uninstall Outlook?

Outlook will not delete any emails, contacts, and calendar events after you reinstall it. Word reinstalling will not remove any Word documents. Outlook reinstalling will not remove any email data. In fact, it will leave most of your settings in tact. Uninstalling Office does not delete any Outlook data.

How do I completely remove Outlook?

In the search bar on the taskbar, type control panel, then select Control Panel as your first choice.

Can I uninstall just Outlook?

You can’t get rid of Outlook from the Microsoft Office suite by uninstalling it. You should remove it from the computer along with the other Office applications.

Can not remove Outlook profile?

Choose Mail from the Control Panel, then Manage Users from the Mail Setup window. After that, select Show Profiles from the Mail Setup window. There you will see a list of profiles. Choose to Remove a profile from this list.

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