How Do You Cancel A Rental On Vudu?

If you don’t like the Vudu movie within 30 minutes, simply stop it and contact customer service. Vudu will credit your account with the cost of your rental in a timely manner.

How do you cancel a rental on Vudu?

If you don’t like a movie, you don’t need to watch for 30 days. Your account will be credited for the money you spent.

Can you cancel a movie rental on Vudu?

You can watch the movie Vudu for free after 24 hours if you haven’t bought or rented it yet.

How do you cancel a purchase on Vudu?

Call Vudu customer service at (888) 554-VUDU (8838) for help in accessing refunds. Your agent will do their best to help you get a refund.

Can you return a rental on Vudu?

Vudu began a promotion this week, offering customers an instant refund if they decide that they don’t want to watch a given movie on Vudu.

How long does a Vudu rental last?

You can start watching a rented movie starting right away even though you have 30 days. If you begin watching your rented movie and you decide you cannot finish it in the first week, you can finish watching it or pause it for 30 days.

How many times can you watch a rental on Vudu?

Rent movies or TV shows from the Vudu service. The shows don’t have the time limit of the other services, allowing you to binge-watch the popular series you love for a day, a week, or the entire lifetime.

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