How Do You Delete A Hago Post?

Clicking on ‘Delete My Profile’ on the above page has the option to delete your profile for 30 days if you log in starting at least four weeks before the deletion. This is just to make sure that nobody deletes their account by accident or gets tricked into clicking on ‘Delete My Profile’. Once you’ve read this message, click on ‘I want to delete my profile permanently’ and there you go!I have a question about my profile.

How can I see all my posts and pages that I’ve created on Hago?

You can access all of your posts and pages by taking a look at the “Posts” tab on the left side of the page. You can also filter any posts you want to share with others, and view only the public postings you want to share. After selecting the Posts tab, you’ll be presented with tabs on the right side of the page, which you can view in either the chronological order that your posts appear or in the order you’ve assigned tags to them.

What is the difference between a post and a page?

The difference between a post and a page is that a page has its own name and should be related to the business or site of the owner while a post should state who the blog belongs to. In addition, pages will be able to show their own navigation menus and will be easier to navigate than posts. Posts will not be able to have their own navigation menus as they are just for people to comment on.

How do you change your profile information in Hago?

On Hago you can edit your profile information that you’ve previously entered. To do so, navigate to “Profile” in the navigation bar, then click on “Account Settings”. To edit what you share on Hago’s News & Updates page (blog feed) go to Profile > Account Settings > General. For example: You can select who gets notified about new content by selecting the appropriate circles under Notifications.

How can I change my password in Hago?

If you wish to change your password, please click on the ‘Edit Profile’ link at the top of any page. You can then enter your current password and set a new one.

What is your username format for Hago?

If you wish to obtain Hago’s username as the username for your forum, select “Username” from the left-hand menu. Enter your desired username and click on the green “Make Username” button.

What are the steps for deleting posts in Hago?

To delete content from your profile you must first have a profile to delete from. When someone signs up for a Facebook account they should take some time to fill out their profile, as this is the only way people can be friends with each other on Facebook. Once people have filled out their profile with all their information, they’ll be able to go to their profile and delete items, such as posts, photos, and comments.

How do you delete a post in Hago?

Hago is a social network where everyone has an equal stake and is equal before the law. Users and content creators are both protected by a unique DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and TOS (Terms of Service) system.

As the project progresses we hope to see more tools created by the community which better suit the needs of our users. If that’s what you want, share your ideas and suggestions with us! Let us know what you would like to see in the future and more importantly, how you would like to use it. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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