How Do You Delete A Picture On Deviantart?

You need to click the delete button next to each of the adds. Select a reason or skip it.

How do you edit photos on deviantART?

To change your password, visit your account on the website and select “My Account”. You would have to go through a brief window where you’re asked to pick a new password. Once you have done that, it’s as simple as clicking the big EDIT button on the right side of the page where normally there is a “favorite” button. On the edit page, you’ll see exactly what you can modify. Select your current work by clicking “Change Main File.” Finally, click “Update”.

How do you remove art from a group on deviantART?

When you click on the pencil icon that appears on the right, the label that appears on the left will show you the option to copy or delete the original. If you hover over a deviation, you’ll get the option to move or delete the original.

How do I edit my post on deviantART app?

If you want to make changes to a deviation you need to go to the page where people can submit deviations which you can then click on the pencil icon to modify the deviation.

How do you hide deviations?

You can click the arrow next to each one to change its selection and its order in the list.

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