How Do You Delete A Textplus App?

To delete the app on an Android device, press “menu” and then “settings”. Select “applications” then “manage applications”. In the list of applications, highlight-highlight text and select “uninstall”.

How do you delete a textPlus app?

To delete the text Plus app on an Android device, navigate to “Settings,” then click on “Applications.” From here, you will see the page. Select the app and click to uninstall it.

How do I delete a TextNow app from my Iphone?

The application is unable to delete your account. Legal reasons prevent it from removing your personal data; in the settings window, get rid of any personal data you saved.

Is textPlus app safe?

An app for international calls is one of the only reliable phone-based apps for international calls (used to call a landline in another country). It does not require an annual membership contract.

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