How Do You Delete Achievements On Xbox 360?

Press the Xbox 360 guide button, go left to the games section and pick Achievements. From here choose the game with zero gamer points you want to delete and press X (Remove achievement.)” “You can remove any games from your games played list that you have earned no achievements or gamer points.

How do I delete my Achievements on Xbox 360?

To delete achievements on Xbox LIVE, log on to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and search for your achievement. Then select it and press the A button.

Can you remove an achievement on Xbox?

Yes. You can find the Achievements tab in your Xbox One X account. Select that tab and select the Achievement you want to delete.

How do you remove games from your Achievements list on Xbox?

There are two ways to remove game achievements from your X-Box console achievements list: the first way is to delete the game from your Xbox One console. This will remove all achievements you have earned in that game. The second way is to go into the Achievements tab on the dashboard, find the game you want to remove, and hit ‘Remove’.

How do you delete game data on Xbox 360?

Play Xbox games on Xbox One. Go to your console’s settings and choose “Storage Devices”. From there, select “Memory” and then choose the game you want to delete. Choose Y and all of your saved game data will be deleted.

How do I make space on my Xbox 360?

Microsoft says the Xbox 360 is great because it is a perfect device for gaming, movies, and music. But it takes a lot of space. Here are some helpful tips for you to save up space on your console.

Does clearing Xbox 360 cache delete saved games?

Clearing the cache on an Xbox 360 doesn’t clear the cache, even when you delete games and reinstall a game.

Can you reset Gamerscore?

No, there is no way to reset your gamer score of the game.

How do you delete recently played on Xbox?

Once in Recently Played, you can click on “Show/Hide Games” to remove the most recently played games from the list.

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