How Do You Delete All Imessages On Mac?

If you are having issues deleting the conversation messages, you can delete chat transcripts in the Mac app. Go to the bottom of the chat and click on Messages. Then, press Option + Command + K or you can right-click on the blank space and select the Clear Chat Transcript option. You can also do this for each conversation on your Mac.

How do you delete all iMessages on Mac?

You can quickly delete all of your chat messages. Select an empty space in your conversation window. Press Command + K. You can also clear all of your text and messages with the press Option + Command + K.

How to delete individual messages on Mac?

1. Make sure that the message is selected.2.You can right-click on it and select Delete, or if you are using a keyboard, hit the Delete key.3.Then confirm it.

How to delete multiple messages on Mac Big Sur?

Shift-selecting all of the messages in the conversation and then pressing “Delete” will delete all of them at once.

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