How Do You Delete Answers On Bumble?

You can’t completely remove a prompt, but you can always change your answers or switch to a new prompt to keep things interesting! To do that: Go to edit your Profile and select the X next to the prompt.

Can you remove Bumble prompts?

For questions please look for the question mark in the header (question mark will be displayed in red) and use the same red arrows/asterix to submit your response.

How do you delete data on Bumble?

You have the right to ask for this information to get erased by contacting our team in order to begin the process. The company may take up to 30 days to finish once you’ve submitted this request.

Can people still see you on Bumble If you delete the app?

You can’t delete your profile from your phone by deleting the Bumble application. Your profile will not be permanently deleted when you remove the app from your home screen; it’s simply removed from your device. If you reinstall the app through the App Store or Google Play, your account will still be there when you log in.

Can I delete Bumble and start over?

If you delete a Bumble profile, it can’t be used for a long time. But when you rebuild it again, for example, you get fewer matches.

What happens to your messages when you delete Bumble?

In two situations, if you delete the profile of a member, this person won’t be able to log back into your Bumble. This means you won’t be able to continue your discussion with them later.

What does it mean when you hit the end of the line on Bumble?

A limitation on swiping is a software problem. We have implemented a daily swipe limit to ensure users are not abusing the service and keep the experience smooth.

How long does Bumble keep your data?

We’ll keep track of your conversations with other Users, including any complaints you and other Users have about each other, for the next six years.

Is my Bumble account deleted?

The Bumble app does not remove your account when you uninstall it. You will not be brought back to the registration page on the Bumble app if you try to log in after uninstalling the app. It will create a new account if you try to log in.

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