How Do You Delete Foods From Lose It?

open the section, Touch a food or an exercise with your finger, and click on the Remove button on the right side of the food / exercise you want to delete.

How do you delete foods from Lose It?

The Lose It! app allows you to delete the last exercise you did or the food you ate.

How do I reset my goal weight on lose it?

To add a manual change to your calorie budget, tap the down arrow next to ‘Your plan’ and then ‘Adjustment.’ Choose 1/2lb per week, 1lb per week, 1.5 lb per week, or 2lb per week. The number of pounds lost each week determines how much food you need.

Does deleting browsing history really delete everything?

There are many ways to keep track of what you do on the web, but no matter which tool you choose, it will help you learn and remember.

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