How Do You Delete Multiple Pictures On Vsco?

Hi Michael. You can see that your camera roll has some photos that you don’t want to share with others. You can delete the ones you’re not happy with by tapping and holding on a photo at the first and last position simultaneously; they will dissolve away from your library. You also mentioned that you are finished editing images, if so, you can select the ‘delete originals’ feature which will remove them from both albums on those phones or tablets where it was opened on.

How do you delete multiple pictures on VSCO?

Hi Michael. You have some images in your camera roll that you don’t want to share with others. To delete those images, you can just tap and hold on a photo at the first and last position. They will disappear from your album. Additionally, your images should be closed from your photo editor. If not, just close the camera and open it again and you’ll be able to edit the images that are already there. I need to remind you that you should be careful of deleting the original.

How do you delete pictures from your VSCO library?

You can delete a DSCO by clicking on it and then tap the symbol at the top right of your screen.

Why is VSCO deleting my pictures?

If you delete the VSCO app, you will lost all your previous photos and videos regardless of where they’re stored on your phone. You should always have a backup of your important media on your phone.

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