How Do You Delete Multiple Yahoo Emails?

To delete multiple emails, first select the messages you want to delete. Press the “Shift” key. Select the other messages you want to delete. Press the “Delete” button.

How do I delete thousands of unread emails in Yahoo?

Go to the Search bar at the top of the screen and change the text to:unread. After that, search for is:unread in the Search bar, then click (or press) Search Mail. Then click the List of emails on the far right. Select all the emails you want to delete and click Delete.

How do I delete thousands of emails at once?

You can’t delete thousands of emails right now, but the shift trick will work anyway. And yes, you can delete them from the Shift+click method.

How can I mass delete emails quickly?

You can select and delete several emails with the Shift key while clicking on the first email, then click the last email, and then press Delete.

How do I delete 3000 emails from my iPad?

To delete all of your emails at once, individually select them from the drop-down menu or choose Select All. You can choose Trash or Archive. If you see only Archive, hold down Archive until additional choices appear, such as Trash Selected Messages.

For all the info about this see How to delete all mail in iOS 8 Mail.

How can I view more than 100 emails on Yahoo?

You can view more than 100 of your email messages in the Menu bar, select Options from the drop down menu. Or you can use the Messages/results per Page option in the General Page to increase or decrease how many messages are shown on a page. After inputting the required value, click Save Changes at the top of the General section.

How do I delete all unread emails in Yahoo without scrolling?

You can permanently delete all emails that haven’t been read by typing ‘unread’ into the search box, then pressing enter. This will remove ALL the unread mails from the email folder.

To permanently delete all the unread emails, type in: Foldername, search for it, and delete it. You can also permanently delete all the unread emails if you search for ALL “unread” emails, and erase ALL of them.

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