How Do You Delete Your Draw Something Account?

To delete your account, write down your full name, the subject “Delete my account”, and the game name. You’ll also have to include your e-mail address and the Zynga account associated with your account.

How do I delete draw something?

This tool can erase a match you created with somebody. Simply click on “X” and choose “Delete a match” to eliminate a match.

What is AIM account?

The internet was originally called the “Information Superhighway”, then became the “World Wide Web”, and now it’s called the “Internet”.

How do I delete my draw something classic account?

Please write the following in an email to support[at]zynga[dot]com: Delete my account. Include your full name, email address and the name of the game.

How can I delete my Thug Life account?

Tap “Instant Games” in the bottom of the app’s main page. Select “Active” in the list. Tap Thug Life to select it by tapping on the circle beside it. Now tap “Remove” at the top of your screen.

How do you delete a game on Draw Something?

When you are trying to play Draw Something 2, you can swipe your finger to erase the game that’s already in progress. Simply swipe your finger across the opponent’s avatar or across the pencil to swipe to erasure the game.

What is Thug Life game?

Thug Life is a game that allows you to be a thug and an agent of crime. It is a game with many missions, missions with various levels, many tasks, and a lot of activities. It is a game with a street and a storyboard where you can explore the city, meet with many people, interact with many other characters, and take part in many actions.

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