How Do You Erase A Ds Game?

A Nintendo DS game cartridge can be erased with a button on the cartridge. So if you have the cartridge with the game that you want to erase data on your Nintendo DS, look for an “options” screen to find a button “Delete All Game Save Data?”. If so, use it.

How do you wipe a DS game?

To delete game data, remove the game cartridge from your DS and power it on. When the game is starting, there will be an option to “Delete All Game Save Data?” If this option is available, choose it.

How do you clear DS memory?

Turn on your Nintendo 3DS and press the Left, Right, and A button simultaneously. Hold them down until the Game menu appears. Then release them as soon as the message appears. The internal memory of the game will be cleared as such.

How do you delete a saved game on Pokemon DS?

Go to the title screen and press Up on the Control Pad, Select and the B button. Your saved data will be removed. You will no longer be able to restore your previous data. Please remain careful when removing any saved data. (Pokemon and Items will be lost.).

How do you reset Professor Layton DS?

I think if you hold down all of the buttons on the DS while it’s booting up, you’ll be able to erase any saved data from the inserted cartridge. I believe that if you press all of the buttons at the same time while the DS is booting up, you may erase data from the inserted cartridge.

How do you start over Nintendogs?

To turn your system off, just press and hold down the power button for five seconds until you hear a beep. Then, hit the power button to turn on your system. To restart Nintendogs, tap the game icon on the Nintendo DS menu.

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