How Do You Sign Out Of Episode?

First tap on the “Sign Out” button in the top left corner. Then enter your password. And tap on “Sign Out” again.

How do I clear my history on episode?

To clear the history of the Episode, open the app and scroll to the settings. Tap on the “Clear History” tab.

How do you reset the episode app?

Resetting the episode’s app will erase all the data you created on the episode. Make sure you back it up first before you do anything.

How do I email episode?

Start the app and click on the share button at the top of the app. Then, select “Email.” You can then enter the recipient’s email address and write a message.

How do you delete an episode account?

You need to log into your account in order to delete it. Once you are logged in, go to “Settings” and then choose the option “Delete Account”.

How can I get free diamonds on episode?

There is no one single way or method to acquire diamonds. There are various methods including completing surveys, watching videos, or downloading apps. However, it is not guaranteed that these methods will work for everyone.

How do you log into Episode?

This TV app lets you watch TV shows and movies. You need to enter your email and a password to login.

How do you hack Episode?

Episode is an app where you can read comics and watch anime. It is not a hacking app and does not need the Internet to work.

Is Episode safe to use?

The Facebook app is safe to use. All the user data on this app is encrypted.

What happens if I uninstall episode?

If you want to uninstall your episodes and stories will be deleted.

How do I delete my 2021 episode account?

To delete your 2021 episode account, you can use this link: account will be deleted and all your data will be permanently removed.

How do I delete the episode data on my iPhone?

To delete an episode on your iPhone, go to your “Settings.” In general settings, tap on “usage.” On the next page, tap on “Storage.” In storage, select the episode you want to delete and then tap on the delete button.

How do I delete all data from episode?

To clear the data, tap on the Menu and then Settings. Tap on “Clear Data”. A message will appear, warning you about the effect of the procedure on your downloaded episodes. Tap “OK”. Your current episode will be deleted, but your progress will be saved.

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