How Do You Sign Out Of Google Play Games?

By clicking the “Sign Out” button, you can sign out of your Google account.

How do I change my Google play in game purchases?

You have to use a different Google Play account to install the app on your phone. So, you can try to log in to the other account on your Android device.

How do I stop Google Play from automatically downloading apps?

Open [App Store] on your iPhone and tap [Store] on the top right side, and then tap [Settings] > [General]. Tap [Auto Update Apps] and tap [Opt Out].

How do you stop apps from installing on Google Play?

After you click on the Add option, you will get to see the permissions on installing apps. And from the list, click on the Add App. Next, you will have to select App Permissions.

How can I use Google Play without Gmail?

If you have not set up an email account with Google yet, you can do so at You must supply a non-Gmail email address when you register, but it does not have to be your actual email address; it is only used as a username, for example.

How do I change associated accounts?

The first Google account you log in to will always be set as the default. If you want to change your default, you can go to

How do I unlink a game from Gmail?

Go to the Google app’s settings. Find the third-party accounts or linked accounts that you want to delete. Select Remove or Unlink.

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