How Do You Unscrew A Chromebook?

Keyboard If the bottom case is loose, go to step 3. Flip over the Chromebook and remove all Phillips #1 screws. Remove both rubber pads on the front of the keyboard. Separate the top case from keyboard by separating at both sides and leaving a gap of about 5cm wide.Insert flat tool (spudger) under the edge of the upper left corner until you hear a pop or damaging plastic sound – this will release the rear foot pedal mechanism lock-out underneath which will cause it to open up more than necessary when inserting it into position for glue recovery or replacement.

How do you unscrew a Chromebook?

1. Remove the screws from bottom case. 2. Flip over the laptop and remove the bottom cover. Separate the top of the laptop and the cover enough so there is a gap between them about 5cm wide. Insert the tool under the gap and force it until there is a pop or damaging plastic sound. This will release the foot lock under the cover.

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