How Do You Use Yalla?

To communicate, type in the chat that appears on the top right corner at the bottom of your screen. After typing a message, you will see three icons at the top of the chat. You can click on them for animated gifs and attachments.

How do you use Yalla?

You can type your message in the chat by just typing in the box to the right of the bar. You can also attach files to your message as well. This is an easy way for your teammates to read your message and reply accordingly.

How does the Yalla app work?

Yalla is a task management and project management software which takes the traditional project management tools and adds the ability to plan and organize in real-time, by attaching tasks and dates to them.

What is Yalla live?

Traditionally, they would hang out at cafes and public places. Our flagship mobile application, Yalla, implements these places into an online version through live voice chat rooms that function as the physical version.

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