How To Change Galaxy S9 Text Message Notification Sound?

To change the sound you’ll have to open the settings and follow the below instructions. You’ll see that the notification sound can be set to your preferred sound.

How do I change the text notification sound on my Samsung?

How do I get more notifications?
To see more notifications, click the down arrow next to the Messages icon in the system bar. Open the Notifications panel and click More notifications.
To add multiple notifications to your Messages account, go to Settings > Accounts and sync to add more accounts.

If you’d like to turn off notifications altogether, go to the Notification panel in the system bar and tap Do not show this notification again.

How do I change the notification sound for just text messages?

If you only want to change the notification sound when you get a text message, here’s how:Go to Settings and select Sounds.Scroll down to Messages and select it.Under Notification Sound, choose the sound you want.

Why can’t I change my notification Sound?

The first possible reason is that your device might not have that option enabled.

* You might not have the correct permissions to change the sound. If you’re using an Android device, you might need to enable “Unknown Sources” in your security settings in order to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

Can you set different notification sounds on Galaxy S9?

You can set different notification sounds you like on your Galaxy S9. To do so, open the Settings app and go Sound and vibration. Under Notification sounds, tap Default notification sound and choose a sound you want.

Can you customize notification sounds on Samsung?

You can customize the notification sounds on Samsung devices. You can do this by opening the settings app and tapping sounds and vibration. On this page, you can choose a different sound for each type of notification.

How do I change the text notification Sound on my Android?

To change the text notification sound, go to the Settings menu. Then, go to the Notification Sound option and you will be able to change it.

How do I set different notification sounds for different apps S9?

To change an app’s sound, tap the app in the Apps screen to display its entry in your app drawer.
Then tap the Notifications tab, then tap the Sounds entry.
Here you can select one of the default sounds, or you can choose one of the sounds you’ve downloaded to your device.
You can also control the sound volume by tapping the volume slider, or set the vibration pattern by tapping Vibration.

How do I change different notification sounds for different apps Samsung?

You can change the notification sounds of an app on a Samsung Galaxy device by Open the Settings app and go to Sounds and choose Notification sounds. You can then tap an app that you want to change the notification sound, then tap the desired sound.

How do I change the text tone on my Samsung Galaxy S10?

– If you want to lower the text tone, tap on the down arrow next to the Tone selection. Tap on the tone you want and hold it until you feel the vibration.
– If you want to raise the text tone, just tap on the up arrow next to the Tone selection and select another tone.

Can I change the color of my text bubbles?

I found a way to change the color of my text bubbles! In the “Format” menu, click on “Text Box.” This will open a new window with options for changing the color, font, and size of your text bubbles.

Why are text bubbles different colors?

Text bubbles are also used to communicate mood and tone of the conversation. A bright yellow text bubble might be used to indicate that a character is being sarcastic.

How do you get Blue text bubbles on Android?

You can get blue text bubbles on Android by installing a custom font that has the color already built in, or you can use an app like Textra that lets you change the color of your text bubbles.

What do the different colors on android text messages mean?

Green text messages usually mean that the message was sent and successful. Red text messages usually mean that there was an error.
Blue text messages usually mean that the message was sent as an SMS, while purple text messaged usually mean that the message was sent as an MMS.

Why are my texts sometimes blue and sometimes green?

Texts can be blue and green for a variety of reasons. One possibility is that the person you’re texting is in a different chat than you. If you and your friend are in two different chats, your messages will be blue to them and green to you. Another possibility is that the person you’re texting has turned on “read receipts.” This feature causes texts from the other person to be colored according to whether or not they’ve read your message.Another possibility is that the other person has changed the color of their text. Some people have colors set for their messages that are different from those that you see on your device.

Why did my texts turn green?

There are several reasons why your texts might say “Emergency, emergency.” One is that you have turned on the “Read Receipts” feature, which will cause your text messages to turn green after they have been received by your recipient. Another reason is that you are using a texting app that uses green text to indicate a message that has been sent as an emergency alert.

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