How to Convert Gallons to Quarts

British and Americans are used to many traditional units for measurements that are not so widely recognized in other countries and regions. It concerns the evaluation of masses and volumes and much more. Thus, if you happen to purchase gasoline somewhere in the US, you will see the volume in gallons or quarts. The same goes for liquids that are sold in the UK. If you would like to transform gallons to quarts, here the solutions are presented.

What are gallons and quarts?

There is no unified opinion on the history of gallons and their origin as a separate unit. Thus, there is a similar French word Jalon that was probably used before. However, a Latin origin derived from galona is also possible, as this word means a measure of liquid. One more ancient term galla refers to a vessel and this topic. 

At least, we know that the British were the first to introduce gallons into practice and then the entire English-speaking world, including the US, followed.

Interestingly enough the unit was not created for liquids. British used it for the evaluation of the quantity of wheat. Someone decided to give the weight of eight pounds the name gallon and it became popular.

However, there was no unified meaning for this novel option. It was utilized for both solids and liquids, and even among the latter, the values differ. Moreover, there were unique traditions depending on the country. For instance, the liquids were measured as:

  • 3.78 liters with an American gallon;
  • 4.55 liters using a British one.

There was nearly one liter of difference! Still, the idea of unification appeared only at the beginning of the 19th century.

After a conference that was held in the UK a gallon was established equal to 10 pounds of distilled water at the temperature of 62 degrees Fahrenheit. This volume corresponded to 4.55 liters.

As for the United States, a single standard did not appear there. Thus, Americans still stick to two options:

  • 1 gallon of liquid corresponds to 3.8 liters;
  • 1 gallon of bulk products is equal to 4.4 liters.

As for the quarts, they represent another traditional option that means a 1/4 part of a gallon.

How to convert gallon to quart?

It is relatively easy to transform gal to qt, if you keep in mind the meaning of the latter. It is the same as a 1/4 of a gallon. Therefore, when we need the vice versa transformation, we state that 1 gallon to quarts gives 4, and, for example, 2 gallons to quarts are equal to 8.

The exact volume and result of 1 gal to qt transformation, depends on the meaning of a gallon that one takes as a starting point. As we have already mentioned, there are even nowadays two different options in the UK and the US. Therefore, check twice which one you need.

However, if you are not sure about the calculation, there is always a perfect chance to consult a modern online calculator. This error-free tool is equipped with a quick and smart algorithm that solves tasks of any complexity in a fraction of a second. For instance, you can open page and explore a convenient and user-friendly tool that does not require registration. It is free for everyone and always available, so you can perform any transformation and get the correct result.

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