How To Delete Drafts In Instagram?

Instagram users, start your profile. Go to the three lines on the left side, then select “Drafts” to get access to your draft. Tap the three dots at the top right of your draft, and tap “Delete” to delete the content.

What does IB mean on Instagram?

IB stands for “instagram,” and it’s used to identify someone’s account.

What does DC mean in Instagram edits?

To make the picture look more like it was taken on an iPhone.

What does FTW mean on Instagram?

The reason I like that is because it’s not really a word but it’s also a symbol which can signify a lot of things.

What does PE mean in texting?

PE in the world of diplomacy means that the two sides can talk in a secret manner.

What PC means in computer?

Computers were first invented when the invention of the personal computer was made.

Is a laptop a PC?

A desktop is a PC that is generally used in an office or other commercial environment, but is not portable. Most desktops have a built-in monitor, a desktop PC must have an external monitor or a TV as a screen.

What does SC mean in Instagram?

When you post a photo for other people to see on Instagram, the people who saw the photo will also receive a notification that it was posted on your photo gallery.

What is the meaning of CC in Instagram?

The CC column can be used to designate other users who have commented on a specific post on a particular day.

What does PC and CC mean in Instagram?

“Private Chat” means that no one can see the content of the comment. In a CC comment, the content is displayed as it is entered while in a PC comment, the content is hidden.

How long do drafts stay on Instagram?

I was just sharing the news with my friend, and the draft went viral.

What is the full form of PC in Instagram?

Computers were once only used by one person, but as they became more common, the term “personal computer” was coined in the early days of computing to refer to a computer that was used by one person, as opposed to a mainframe computer that was used by many people.

Does PC mean Picture credit?

But in this case, it is a Picture Credit.

Where are Instagram drafts saved?

When it comes to Instagram, every picture you ever posted is saved to your profile. If you want to save a draft, touch the three lines in the top left corner and select “Drafts.

Where did Instagram drafts disappear?

A few users have reported that their Instagram drafts disappeared, although it’s unclear if there was a glitch with the app. They might want to check their settings to see if they can find drafts.

Can you edit Instagram posts from a computer?

Yes, you can edit Instagram posts from a computer. I tried it, and after I edited the photos on my computer, I had to send them from my computer to my phone to my phone to Instagram.

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