How To Delete Instagram Comment On Computer?

According to some of the users, there may be more to it than just deleting your history from the browser. Clearing your cache and using a third-party application may help too.

How do you see comments on Instagram on the computer?

The comment section is not accessible in any way from the computer. If you comment on an Instagram post, they will have your comment on your profile and they will also see it in the comments section of the photo.

How do you reply to a message on Instagram on a laptop?

If you get a message on Instagram and you are on a laptop, you can open the instagram app and click on the message.

How do you reply to a comment on Instagram browser?

There are a few different ways to reply to a comment on Instagram. You can either tap on the comment and then select the’reply’ option or you can open the comment and then type your reply.

Why can’t I see comments on Instagram Web?

Instagram comments are only available on the application while the website is just a place holder.

How do you see people’s comments on Instagram 2020?

It may seem frustrating to receive rude comments on Instagram, but it is something that is happening. If we want to make a change, we need to be brave and stand up to the rude comments.

How do I find comments on Instagram?

To find comments on Instagram, there are multiple ways but the simplest way is to go to the comment section of any post and then look for the “Comments” button.

Can you reply to an Instagram post with a photo?

We don’t have any plans to delete any of the social networks.
The way the accounts operate there is no way to force them to delete their
accounts by deleting our service.

We don’t have any plans to delete the accounts of the users of our

But if the people wish to delete their accounts, they can delete them
without any problem.

Why can’t I reply to someone’s Instagram comment?

In Instagram, when you like someone’s post, you can comment on it.
But if you like a post that is older than 6 months,
you can not comment on it.
This is the reason.

Why can’t I see a comment on my Instagram post?

Instagram doesn’t allows comments on posts unless you use the Instagram Stories.

Why can’t I comment in Instagram?

Because of Instagram’s decision to not allow comments.

Is there an app to see someone’s activity on Instagram?

There is no particular app to check if someone has viewed your Instagram photos. Most users can view their Instagram accounts by visiting

Why can’t I like or comment on Instagram?

People are able to comment on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social apps.

Why can’t I see comments on my own post?

Your comment form may be disabled because it was disabled by your website owner or by a plugin. Check if your comment form is enabled from the main page, and then disable whatever plugin or block is preventing you from posting comments.

How many comments can I post on Instagram in a day?

To put it in other words, you can post as many comments as you want on Instagram in a day.

How do you know if someone has you on restricted on Instagram?

To see if someone is restricted on Instagram, tap on their profile and look above their name. You will see the three lines icon and you can see if they have restrictions applied to them.

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