How To Delete Your Stockx Account?

All your user ID, your password, and other data on your StockX account will be permanently deleted. After deletion, you cannot log in to your StockX account.

How do I delete my StockX account?

To delete your account, please follow these steps:
1. Log in to your account
2. Select “Account”
3. Select “Delete Account”
4. Confirm your decision to delete your account by clicking on the “Delete Account” button.

How do I delete my card off of StockX?

To log in to your StockX account, click on the “Account” tab on the top of the page.
You will then be able to see a list of your cards and their settings.

How do I delete my StockX account 2021?

To delete your StockX account 2021, please follow these steps:
Click on the “Account” tab at the top of the page.
Under “Account Details,” click on the “Delete Account” button.
Click on the “Delete Account” button again.

Does StockX steal credit card info?

We provide a secure and private experience and we always keep your data confidential.

How do I contact StockX customer service?

They have a contact form on their website and you can call them at (855) 855-9227.

How do I delete a payment method?

This will delete any data related to the payment method from your account, including your cardholder name, the last 4 digits of your card number and the expiration date. You will lose all access to the payment method.

Why is StockX flagging my order?

If StockX believes you’re attempting to manipulate the market or the price of the items in your order are no longer available, then StockX may not allow your order to be executed. These are known, as they are typically indications of price manipulation.

Is StockX safe to use credit card?

The site is safe and secure because you can place orders with us without any worry. We do not have access to your credit card number and it is not stored on our servers.

Can I cancel a StockX order?

You can cancel the order manually by clicking on the Order cancel button. This will also result in the order being cancelled on the exchange.

Can you get scammed on StockX?

I think stockx could be a scam, make sure you do your research on your stocks before purchasing them.

How do I get a refund from StockX?

To get a refund from StockX, you’ll first need to submit a request at StockX’s Support System. Once you request, the refund will be processed according to the guidelines. If you are eligible, you will be notified.

Does StockX refund if fake?

If the trade is fake, we will refund your entire trade.
And we will provide a replacement,
But we won’t give back the money you’ve invested.

How long do StockX delivery take?

The average delivery time is around 3 business days.

What happens if StockX fakes?

StockX would likely fake their supply chain data and the stock price would likely drop significantly. This would harm those investors who had put money into StockX based on the information provided.

What happens when you press buy now on StockX?

When you press “buy now” on StockX, the site will display a list of available stocks. You will then be able to select the stock you want to buy and enter the amount of money you want to spend. A confirmation popup will show you the details of your transaction, at which point you’ll be able to proceed with a purchase.

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