How To Make A Whiteboard Video For Your Brand? (Beginner’s Guide)

Even as a beginner, you must have heard much about the power of whiteboard videos. Yes, the rumors are true. These videos educate your potential audience about a complex concept and incorporate drawings which always have a special place in storytelling. 

Unlike traditionally where whiteboard videos were resource and time-consuming, animations make it swift. A free animation software like Doratoon helps make quality animations without too much hassle. Read on to learn more and find out how to get started and sell your whiteboard story uniquely.

Introduction To Whiteboard Animation Video

Whiteboard animation is a video style whose content and media seem hand-drawn on a whiteboard or white background. Before the digital era, whiteboard videos were created when someone physically drew cartoon images on a whiteboard and filmed it with a camera. Nowadays, these animation videos are created in 2D animation software and are a popular and convenient way to convey complex information. 

The simple graphics and illustrations used in the videos are typically followed by narration to describe the story. Their structure is simple and employs a black-and-white canvas where animations are seemingly brought to life in real-time. They are a perfect marketing combination as the animations are memorable and can be produced quickly at little cost. 

5 Easy Steps To Make A Whiteboard Video For Your Brand

Creating a whiteboard video is simple. It involves a few steps you need to keep in mind to make an impressive whiteboard animation video that converts. 

1. Get reputable animation software 

As you begin creating, pick a renowned animation software like Doratoon to produce your whiteboard animation. Its numerous features offer a streamlined experience in making creative animations within minutes. This free animation software offers many templates and uses AI to help creators generate quality and valuable content.

2. Craft your message

This step answers the why of creating your video and conveys the central message of your video. It allows you to align each creation process step with a goal in mind. Engage the video’s participants, such as animators or voice-over actors, to develop the best video idea based on your marketing needs. 

3. Script & storyboard the sequence

An excellent script is the foundation of any excellent whiteboard animated video. It says everything concerning the video. That includes the video length, the animation video lines, the narrator, and a description of every on-screen scene. Hence, align your story structure to a singular goal to make it more concise and help you maintain an adequate length. 

The next phase is to storyboard your idea. A storyboard helps you describe every action and all the visual aspects of your whiteboard video. You can draw these static sketches on paper, on a whiteboard, or with an animation maker like Doratoon. Regardless of the medium, storyboards ensure the project visuals match the script and the intent.  

4. Start animating your whiteboard video 

Besides its user-friendly design, it’s free to create an account with Doratoon. Plus, designing animation online is straightforward once you land on the website. 

  1. Get a template or open a new worksheet. 

If you’re new to animation, select a template from the vast template library regardless of the video you want to make. This cartoon maker offers pre-made templates to make animated videos for free. Otherwise, if you are a pro, starting from scratch on this website for animation gives you more authority over the context of your video. 

  1. Edit scenes and background.

Time to customize and edit the whiteboard animation per your requirements. Drag and drop visuals and animate the text by timing your scenes to suit your needs. Add entry and exit animation effects by clicking on the effects tab on the right. Add transition effects for a smooth auto-play of your scenes. 

Marinate your online free animation with background template colors throughout the video. You can make the video eye-catchy with the perfect backdrops for different scenes, all on Doratoon. 

  1. Insert cartoon characters & props. 

Explore over a thousand animated characters that are fully customizable. Use numerous facial expressions and actions, such as happy, angry, and surprised, to modify your plain-looking whiteboard animation. Alter their paths and movements using the path animation feature of one animation creator, Doratoon. Use the drag-and-drop feature to easily combine various objects to fit your video needs. 

Use Doratoon’s AI to sketch any image you have in mind, and it will accurately predict your drawing. Also, use AI dubbing to dub your script. Simply upload the voiceover script and choose a voiceover based on the voice character, age group, and gender. Utilize the wide range of props to attract and engage your audience with a memorable experience. 

  1. Add sound & subtitles. 

Add background music and royalty-free tunes from the library to make your online animation creation more lively. On top of that, the text-to-speech feature allows you to add voice captions and subtitles to make your audience understand and relate to the video. 

Feel free to bring into play rich colors that align with your brand from the format painter and transform your marketing online animation free into a superb 2D animation movie. In addition, you can add your preferred font and style to suit your video requirements and connect your business to your prospects. 

  1. Import your material, if any. 

While customizing your video, this animation maker online allows you to import any images or videos from your local drive to enrich your video. Also, feel free to use the PowerPoint template animation feature to import the contents of a PowerPoint presentation into your chosen template. 

5. Preview to save or share

After doing the above, Preview the whiteboard video and adjust any unsynced elements, such as text, visuals, or scene timings, for a perfect outcome. If it passes the test, export, download and embed it anywhere. Hence, click Publish and pick out your saving preferences. Click Export to save the video online and download it on your computer or tap Get a video link to share it on social media for massive outreach.

Tips To Better Your Whiteboard Animation Video

All that being said, let’s review a few tips you need to grasp to ensure maximum quality. Trust me, with these hints at your fingertips; you’ll feel more confident. 

  • Build on a compelling story.

A compelling story describes the problem your product or service solves, how it solves it, and why it’s the best option to solve that problem. Simply pinpoint your customer’s pain points and present your product as the hero. 

  • Follow the classic whiteboard style.

Always preserve the usual white background to achieve a simple, clean style that makes your story shine. Additionally, don’t forget to insert a hand holding a black marker that will draw the whole story and make it lively. 

  • Attach interesting animated characters.

Don’t create an actionless lyrics video. Make your own animation character to fit your audience’s gender, age, overall style, and tone. An excellent video with a likable character resonates with the audience and brings the prospect closer to your brand.  

  • Always insert the drawing hand.

The drawing hand is the primary essence of whiteboard animation. Besides illustrating the content, the follow-up on the story helps the viewer visualize the narrative and feel involved with the specific actions in the video. 

  • Make it reasonably colorful.

Colored parts on whiteboard videos will often stand out, but don’t overdo it. Pay special attention to your brand’s color palette and look for opportunities to use the colors that represent your company.

  • Harness the power of emotions.

Evoke empathy and convince your audience to care about what you’re showcasing. So, add emotional references, such as funny, lighthearted, and emotional moments, to achieve a better reception from the audience. 


I hope the article has been captivating as well as informative and answered all the queries you had in mind regarding whiteboard videos. As we have seen, a cartoon whiteboard video is an excellent method to engage with potential customers and fashionably explain your product. 

Remember to integrate the provided tips to enhance your video. Plus, you need an online animation maker as diverse as Doratoon. Sign in to the platform for free to create incredible animated videos that immediately escalate your conversion rate. No design or animation experience needed. 


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