How To Raid A Discord Server- The Step By Step Guide

A Raid on a discord server can be described as a process where many users will join a server to cause issues by overwhelming the server with activities. A raider is that account that engages in discord server raiding. The “Alt account” is the throwaway account that a discord user owns. The raiding of a discord server is against the terms and conditions of Discord; hence an individual caught in this act may be banned permanently on such servers.

So, How do you Raid a Discord Server?

There are two ways you can raid a discord server, and these are; Posting the targeted discord server’s link in the mains server or spamming the bots.

Raiding Someone On A Discord Server

Raiding can be described as unsolicited traffic sent from one place to another to boost the new server. You can do raiding legally or illegally. It is done to help another discord server to get promoted. There are many ways to raid by the following options are some of the most popular you can find;

1. Post the Target Discord Server Link unto the Mains Server

This is the most popular way of raiding a discord server. The process is legal, and you need to get a link that allows you to invite members from other servers to the other. This will help you maintain a solid target for the discord server by boosting the number of people that will raid the targeted server.

2. Spamming the Bots

This is an alternative option for raiding discord servers. Unlike the first option, this procedure is illegal. It worked when someone or a group of people targeted a discord server with the use of Bots. This option is more of a revenge attack or a deliberate act to sabotage and destroy a server.

This procedure is against the Terms and conditions of service, and it is possible to do it without malicious intent. You need to have a solid knowledge of sending Bots to a server to raid a discord server. You may even have other people launch these Bots simultaneously to make the raid more prominent.

The Best Security Bots To Protect Your Discord Server From Raids

Discord has become one of the most popular applications for gamers and those who indulge in regular chatting. With discord bots, you can add many features to your server, aside from the extra security. The bots can be described as virtual helpers, and they can ease the process of moderating your server.

When many people are added to your server, there are higher risks of the server being raided. It is almost impossible to moderate your server 24/7 and avoid being scammed. It is, however, possible to moderate your server all day with particular Bots to protect it from unauthorized activities and spamming.

Many security Bots do come free even though they have lots of premium features. They can be easily downloaded online and activated on your Discord server. These bots include the following;

1. MEE6 Bot for Discord Servers

This is one of the most popular moderation Bots for a discord server. You can manage your server automatically with this Bot, and with specific commands, you can use it to perform various actions. For instance, you can set the Bot to display a welcome message when a new user joins your server.

This Bot can also protect by checking your server for activities such as spamming. This Bot can remove or ban someone from your server, plus many other premium features. You can upgrade the free version into the premium version to unlock many other Discord security features.

2. Aethex Bot for Discord Servers

This is an exceptional Bot for discord servers. It is an all-rounder Bot, and that is one feature that makes it different from the rest.

It is a single Bot but comes with diverse capabilities, including entertainment tools and game integration. It is also a moderation Bot tool. It can obey moderation commands such as; Mute, unmute, ban and kick. You can deploy this Bot to prevent infiltration of your discord server.

3. Dyno Bot for Discord Servers

Dyno is another common Bot for protecting your discord server. It comes with several commands and features for security and other purposes.

It can implement commands such as warn, mute, ban, and kicking out users. If your discord server is constantly being raided, you can use Dyno to kick the culprits out. In addition to kicking out users, you may use this Bot to create a command that can limit user activities.

This Bot can prevent Discord from deleting messages left by a user that has been banned. This means you can always retrieve user activities to ascertain their activities on your discord user. You can also use this tool to lock a channel for a pre-determined time. Dyno can be used in creating poles and music play. You can upgrade the free version to the premium option to unlock even more features.

Other Bots For Protecting And Issuing Commands On Discord Servers

There are several other Bots you can use in protecting your Discord server from getting raided, and these include the following;

1. Arcane Bot for Discord Servers

This is a moderation bot for Discord servers that offers great reliability. This Bot allows you to put certain words in your blocklist to protect the server. This Bot can kick out someone who uses any word included in your blocklist.

This Bot will detect spamming quickly and also ban any user responsible for such spamming or raid. This Bot can also lock a channel if unethical discussions persist on a server. You can use this Bot to assign different roles to different users. Like other free Bot versions, you can also upgrade this Bot to the premium version to unlock even more features.

2. The Wick Bot for Discord Servers

 Wick Bot is the first Bot that was created to protect Discord servers from raids, and this is the reason why it is trusted by many users today. It now comes with great upgrades that have improved the Bot’s functionalities. The upgrades also come with a number of premium features that provide more than security for Discord servers.

This Bot can filter spam messages without disrupting the activities of the users. It can also verify and block suspicious users from joining your discord servers. Despite its advanced features, it is one of the easiest Bots you can use.

3. ProBot for Discord Servers

This is one of the newest Bots for discord servers, and it is mostly for the moderation of activities on the servers. You can use this Bot to send automated welcome messages to new users. You can also use this Bot to set responses for a specific message or word. Like many other Bots, this tool can kick out users raiding the server or using offensive words that are banned on the server.

It offers a great number of other features, and it can move suspected raiders to a voice channel where a moderator can have conversations with them. You can use it to lock a channel and remove all messages on the channel.

You can automatically assign roles or play music with this Bot. One of the premium features of this device is change volume and add other advanced moderations.

Other Ways Of Preventing Raiding On Discord Servers

There are several other ways you can prevent Discord server raids, and these include the following;

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Direct message privacy setting
  • Setting server moderation
  • Link filtering
  • Safe DM option, and
  • High verification

Setting up two-factor authentication is one of the best possible ways of preventing a raid on your discord server. It can prevent unverified logins and buses such as raiding of the server. Enabling Global privacy settings for direct messages and instantly block any message sent to your servers from random users.

Setting server moderation is also important when it comes to preventing raids on the discord server. You can do this by going to the Server Settings before you level up the automated server moderation option. With this step, the automatic detection of inappropriate messages will be activated. The unsolicited messages and raids will also be deleted automatically with this setting.

Using a link filter will help verify all suspicious links and also prevent you from accidentally opening a link sent by an unknown user. Many of these links may contain raids on a discord server. The safe DM option is another efficient way of preventing raids on a discord server. This feature allows your discord Bots to see the private messages you receive and delete any suspicious messages.

High or advanced verification will enable the people you have verified to use contact numbers to join your server. This feature also blocks all spam accounts. It is essential to keep your privacy settings in check to maintain discord server security.

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