How To See Friend Activity On Spotify Iphone?

you have to register on spotify with an account you must’ve had in the past.

How do I see my activity on Spotify mobile?

To see your activity in the Spotify app,
open the app and sign in.
Under “My Activity,” you’ll see a list of your recent playlists and songs.

How can I see my Spotify activity?

If you are logged into Spotify, you can see your activity by clicking on the small blue play icon in the upper-right corner of the Spotify window.

Can you see what your friends are listening to on Spotify on iPhone?

You can’t see what any of your friends are listening to on Spotify on your iphone.
We’ve got some good news for you about our new feature, Friends List.
You’ll be able to see who’s listening to what on Spotify,
and you’ll be able to see what you’re listening to too.
Check it out now!

Can you see someone’s Spotify history?

You can see a person’s Spotify history. You can see which songs they’ve listened to, and see what periods of time they’ve listened to them.

Why can’t I see my friends activity on Spotify anymore?

Spotify may have deleted your friends from its Activity view because you can’t seem to find them. You’ll need to go to and try to add them again.

How does Spotify friend activity work?

Friends activity is based on the songs you play but the number of times you play those songs.
Similarly, if someone follows multiple artists they will see their following count be increased per artist or playlist that they follow.

Who can see my Spotify history?

Spotify tracks can be viewed only by the user that has made the selection.

Can family members see my Spotify playlist?

Family members can see your Spotify playlist. They will be able to see the songs that you have added to your playlist. They will not be able to see the songs that are playing right now.

Can you see other people’s Spotify playlists?

Yes, you can see other people’s Spotify playlists. From the Spotify main screen, click on the three lines in the upper left-hand corner. From there, you can see all of the playlists that people have shared with them.

Is Apple music better than Spotify?

I personally prefer the Apple Music app. It has a wider range of music genres and artists than Spotify does. It also tends to have better customer service.

Is Spotify group session only for premium?

The Spotify group session for all users is available to all users.

Can Spotify only play on one device?

If you use Spotify on multiple devices, you can use the same Spotify account on multiple devices.

Can non premium Spotify join a session?

Non-premium users can join sessions, however they can’t access all the features.

How do you make a Spotify party listen?

How to make a Spotify party work?Open Spotify, and sign in.Click on the Create Party button in the main menu.Enter the name of your party, choose a music genre, and choose your party time.Choose your playlist and share it with your friends!

How do I join someone’s Spotify session?

As an added feature to the Spotify app, you can view a list of other people playing music along with their Spotify playlists.

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