How To Take Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy S8+?

You can take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S8 using two buttons, by pressing power + volume down at the same time.

Is S8 plus worth buying in 2021?

It depends on the features you want. If you want the latest and greatest features, the S8 Plus may be a must buy. But if you’re not as concerned about having the latest features, there may be other phones that are a better fit for your needs.

Is Galaxy S8 still good in 2020?

Yes, the Galaxy S8 is still a great phone in 2020, although it has become very old and is no longer supported by Google. Its successor is the Note 8, the new Galaxy S flagship released in March, 2020.

What is the price of Samsung Galaxy S8+?

According to online stores, the price of the Galaxy S8 is usually $720 but some of the websites even mention that it is priced at $840.

Is Samsung S8 plus still worth it?

The Samsung S8 Plus is still a great phone, but there is a newer model out that gives you a bit more bang for your buck.

How old is the Galaxy S8 plus?

The Galaxy S8 plus was released on the 21st of April, 2017.

Why is my Samsung S8 so slow?

Samsung has two main types of storage – internal storage and external storage. Your phone comes with about 2 gigabytes of storage that you can use to store and access data on your phone. However, it is up to you to use this space wisely. Your internal storage is for data that your phone uses to operate, your apps and settings, and the programs that you’ve downloaded. There are a few exceptions to this rule, and we’ll talk about them in an upcoming video.

How long will S8 be supported?

Samsung has not announced when they will stop supporting the S8, but that usually does happen in two years. So I would expect the S8 to be supported until at least 2020.

How old is the Galaxy S8?

The Galaxy S8 will be released on 2016-04-21.

How long will the Galaxy S8 be supported?

At the event, Samsung revealed the official launch date for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in the U.S. with pre-orders starting on April 20. This coincides with the launch date for the UK and Germany.

What’s the difference between Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus?

Samsung has made changes to their phone and the S8 plus has a bigger screen, more RAM, and more storage. The S8 also has a smaller battery while the S8 plus has a bigger battery.

How old is the Galaxy S9+?

The Galaxy S9+ was released on March 16, 2018. It is the latest phone in the Galaxy series. It is the same phone as the S9.

Is the S8 still good in 2022?

What if I don’t want to upgrade?
[Answer]: You don’t have to. Even if the S8 is still good in 2022, you can still buy the older S7.

Is Samsung S8+ waterproof?

The Samsung is not designed to be submerged in water, but it will withstand light rain.

How much is Samsung s9plus?

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is priced at US$840. It is manufactured by SAMSUNG.
The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is now selling fast. Here you can buy this product directly.

Is Samsung S8 discontinued?

The S8 is still a very popular phone, so it’s likely that Samsung will continue to produce it for a while as well.

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